History in the baking.


It all started rather simply.

Fresh pastry, hand delivered in baskets to retailers in the Los Angeles area. Word spread that something good was coming from those baskets, and soon, Bon Appetit® was born. Not a lot has changed since then, aside from the fact that we’re now the premier “on the go” baker in all of North America.
Through 30 years of growth, we’ve maintained a family atmosphere, supported by a tight-knit, talented and dedicated team. People who take pride in every item we bake, from raw ingredients to deliciously finished products.

We always start with the highest quality ingredients.

We take our time crafting the finest recipes, and employ a hands-on, artisan baking process to deliver perfect results. Patience is a virtue, with each step mastered for superior taste and freshness. When our ovens fire up, glorious aromas swirl, reminiscent of the home-baked goodness we all grew up with.

Exceptional care goes into everything we make.

The care we take ensures excellence from bakery to retailer to customer. Our expert representatives follow each order to make sure it arrives as scheduled and is properly merchandised.
Upon your first bite into any Bon Appetit® bakery item, you will taste our difference: gourmet quality, scrumptious flavor and peak freshness.

A selection to savor.

Our product assortment includes a select blend of artisanal quality baked goods, each with their own unique flavors. Our brands include Bon Appetit® and Boun Appetito®, providing variety for every palate. Handmade quality goes into every item, from muffins to Danishes and more. Our gourmet baked goods are available in thousands of locations.
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Bon Appetit... The best product. The best margins. The best service. The best people. My pick for vendor of the year.
Category Manager
Major National C-Store Chain
Product quality is top notch, made by a company that cares about it, surpassing every manufacturer in the category.
Maher A.
President of Major C-Store Association
Bon Appetit does an excellent job partnering with my organization in many different ways. I would highly recommend a partnership with Bon Appetit to any interested retailer.
Category Manager
A major national c-store chain
The products speak for themselves; from the amazing pastries and muffins to the cakes and Danishes, every item delivers exceptional quality and flavor.
Neil K.
Vice President, Major C-Store Association
Becoming an independent distributor for Bon Appetit is hands down the best career move I have ever made. The quality of gourmet pastries sells itself not to mention the best tasting donuts on the market!!!
Northeast Distributor
Owning my Bon Appetit distributorship has been one of the best decisions I have made At Bon Appetit, they go out of their way to make you feel like a part of their family, while supporting yours.
East Coast Distributor
I have been a distributor for Bon Appetit for 25 years. The products are the finest quality and most delicious in the market, offering an extensive and varied product mix.
Southeast Distributor
Since becoming a distributor 13 years ago, we have managed to more than triple the size of our business. How? With our Product, People and Procedures.
Midwest Distributor
I would like to declare I have never tasted a cheese cake like your guys, it is the tastiest thing in my whole food experience.
Thanks for your time.
Shahid M.
This understanding, knowledgeable, and hard working group of people, make my business and operation so much easier and as well as the appreciation they show me and the respect they give me.
Khader R.
Southeast Distributor
The products are the finest quality and most delicious in the market, offering an extensive and varied product mix.
Don M.
Southeast Distributor
Have you ever felt like you wanted your own business? I did. I became a distributor for Bon Appetit 2 1/2 years ago. I think it was the best move possible.
Steve B.
Midwest Distributor
I have been a Bon Appetit distributor for two years. I like what I do, I make a great living and I'm my own boss!
Angela G.
Northeast Distributor
This was the first time that I have had one of your products. The 8-Crumb Donuts were so fresh and tasted great I enjoyed them.
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I haven't had any of your products as of yet that I haven't totally enjoyed.
Darlene O.
Your cheese Danishes are absolutely wonderful. I love them!!!!!
I must say to you folks, Bravo for making such wonderful and delicious Danishes. They are simply the best! I can see and taste the pride that you guys have in every bite.
John M.
I am an avid fan of your product, in fact I can’t even start my day without having at least one of your coffee cake or muffins.
Vincent R.
Outstanding Conchas! For many years, my mother and our family have been enjoying your tasty Conchas. We even drive 40 minutes once a month to buy however amount the store has.
Always a fan.
Nicole C.
First I want to say that I love your products.
The taste is very fresh and always satisfying, I enjoy them every morning before work. Thank You.
Rodrigo B.
I just want to tell you that your little chocolate donuts are the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for making a great product.
Michele G.
My compliments to you for producing this product.
I called this morning to express how good your cookies are.
Steven H.
I just want to say, I love your products. They are all excellent. My favorite is the Banana Nut Muffin..... and Cream Cheese Cake.
Jim H.
The Cheese cake pound cake was soooooooooooo moist and melted in my mouth!
Heidi C.
Kudos for your chocolate donuts. Normally when I write to a food manufacturer, it is a complaint. But your donuts are fresh, not greasy, and tasty.
I recently traveled to South Dakota. Stopped at Loaf N Jug Store and purchased your Bon Appétit Chocolate Donuts. Best Donuts we ever had.
Susan O.

Let’s work together.

We’ll provide you with the highest product quality to drive your business.